Top Vegetable Cooking Oil Manufacturers In Malaysia


Cooking oil is one of the most important culinary ingredients that many people use in their everyday cooking. It is a necessary staple in any kitchen, be it household or commercial kitchen. Of course, different oils have different properties. When it comes to choosing the right cooking oil from a diverse array of options, it can be a daunting experience. With so many kinds of cooking oils available on the market, vegetable oil is one of the healthiest cooking oils. As such, they have been dramatically rising in popularity over the past few years.

Among the refined edible vegetable oils, palm oil is the most widely consumed vegetable oil in the world due to its nutritional benefits. Approximately 85% of the world’s palm oil production is from Indonesia and Malaysia. Today, Malaysia is the world’s second largest producer of palm oil. According to research, palm oil is the most widely consumed vegetable oil in Malaysia with 2.74 million metric tons in 2016/2017. Being one of the most leading vegetable cooking oil manufacturers in Malaysia, Al-Khaleej has far surpassed all other players in its industry. Since its inception, Al-Khaleej specialises in manufacturing palm-based vegetable cooking oils for both domestic and overseas clientele. Al-Khaleej has launched its home-grown brand of vegetable cooking oils-Jenna, which is currently well regarded by household, commercial as well as food service industry.

Over the years, Al-Khaleej’s has garnered a reputation for being one of the top vegetable cooking oil manufacturers in Malaysia. The vegetable cooking oils are made from natural and healthy sources. All crude palm oil that sourced by Al-Khaleej is from the companies that are certified by the HACCP and JAKIM. In other words, the main ingredients are of excellent quality as they are thoughtfully sourced to make sure the vegetable cooking oils are manufactured to the highest standards.

Armed with cutting-edge technology and equipment, Al-Khaleej’s products are manufactured under strict quality control, surpassing international food standards and quality. Lauded as one of the renowned vegetable cooking oil manufacturers in Malaysia, Al-Khaleej always places great emphasis on providing safe and high quality products. In order to produce high quality, clear and consistent vegetable cooking oil, state-of-the-art technologies are utilized in various stages of vegetable oil processing. For use in cooking, the oils should be free of impurities as they can affect the taste, smell as well as the appearance of the oils. Therefore, the extraction and purification phases are conducted under controlled environment by skilled and experienced professionals, ensuring the vegetable cooking oils are safe to be consumed without any impurities. To ensure the nutrients, taste and flavour of the products will not be affected after each step of the processing, the experienced workers will pay the utmost attention and care to the finest details. Hence, the natural source of the palm oil can be retained at its original form, which is best suited for human consumption. All in all, the Al-Khaleej’s vegetable cooking oil is well-known for its high smoke point, neutral flavour and loaded with natural nutrients, making it perfect for cooking, baking and dressing.

The many years of experiences and expertise have made Al-Khaleej to become one of the best vegetable cooking oil manufacturers in Malaysia. Al-Khaleej always strives to excel in every aspect of the business, from sourcing to processing of raw ingredients, manufacturing, packaging and distribution. All Al-Khaleej products come with an assurance of quality and reliability. Most importantly, every product is tested for the overall quality, taste and texture. Furthermore, all of the cooking oils come with a Halal certification. Without a doubt, Al-Khaleej’s vegetable cooking oils are the preferable choice for cooking and food preparation. Through continuous investment on technology, research and development, Al-Khaleej is committed to fulfil the distinct needs of each consumer and cater for the growing needs of the vegetable cooking oils.