Palm Oil


As one of the leading cooking palm oil manufacturers in Malaysia, Al-Khaleej has been a consistent provider of quality merit cooking oil to its consumers. Palm oil has always been one of the most important exports in Malaysia. Palm oil is known for being a versatile product that can also be used as a raw material. Currently, Malaysia considers as the second largest exporter of palm oil in the world.


Notable Cooking Palm Oil Manufacturers In Malaysia

Introduced in the early 1870s, cultivation of palm oil as a commercial product only began in the early 1900s. Since then, the palm oil industry grew as cooking palm oil in Malaysia began to be the most popular vegetable oil of choice. Palm oil manufacturers in Malaysia started large scale cultivation in the early 1960s as an economic alternative to rubber and tin.

Here at Al-Khaleej, we source the finest palm oil from reputable companies that are certified by HACCP and JAKIM, guaranteeing that they are safe to be consumed. Only the highest quality crude palm oil is used in the production of our palm oil products. We do supply palm oil of several grades such as CP6, CP8, CP10 and CP12, which are mainly used for cooking. Cooking oil in different grades are suitable for making various different products. Such products include palm olein, palm stearin, shortening, pure vegetable ghee and more. Extensive care is taken to ensure that our palm oil is free from any contamination or impurities.

We pride ourselves in being one of the leading manufacturers of cooking palm oil in Malaysia. Our stringent quality checking ensures that all of Al-Khaleej’s products are guaranteed to be of the highest standards. With our consistent performance and reliability, we aspire to be a leading global supplier of high quality palm oil.


  • RBD Palm Olein
  • RBD Packer’s Olein
  • RBD Double Fractionated Palm Olein
  • RBD Palm Stearin
  • All Purpose Shortenings
  • Pure Vegetable Ghee
  • Crude Palm Oil
  • Crude Red Olein
  • Palm Fatty Acid Distillate (PFAD)

Grade CP6

Free Fatty Acid :0.1%
Moisture and Impurities:01%
Iodine Value:58 Min
Slip Melting Point:24 Max
Colour:3 Red Max
Cloud Point6.0 °C max

Grade CP8

Test MethodParameter
Free Fatty Acid:AOCS CA 5A – 400.1%
Moisture & Impurities :AOCS CA 2C – 250.1%
Iodine Value :AOCS CC 1D – 9258 Min
Slip Melting Point :AOCS CC 3 – 2522’c Max
Colour:AOCS 1E – 923 Red Max
Cloud Point:AOCS CC 6 – 258

Grade CP10

Test MethodParameter
Free Fatty Acid:AOCS CA 5A – 400.1%
Moisture & Impurities :AOCS 2C – 250.1%
Iodine Value :AOCS CC 1D – 9256 Min
Slip Melting Point :AOCS CC 3 – 2524’c Max
Colour:AOCS CC 1E – 923 Red Max
Cloud Point:AOCS CC 6 – 2510