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Top Palm Oil Suppliers In Malaysia


Al-Khaleej has been one of the most reputable and reliable palm oil suppliers in Malaysia ever since its establishment in 2010. Having consistently delivering high quality products over the years, we have established ourselves as excellent palm oil suppliers.

As a player in one of the largest global palm oil exporting countries, Al-Khaleej currently exports palm oil products to more than 30 countries worldwide. The UAE, Africa, Croatia, Philippines and Eastern Europe are some of the global clients that we currently serve.

Al-Khaleej has diversified its product range over time to better serve our customers. Our role is not limited being just palm oil suppliers, as we offer services like toll-packing and the manufacturing of jerrycans and Flexibags as well. Al-Khaleej provides a comprehensive package for the convenience of our clients, at the same time minimising complications from various parties.

Our products are supplied in various packaging types to cater for the needs in food service, catering, industrial and retail marketplace. Al-Khaleej has also established our home-grown brand of palm oil – Jenna, is targeted for local and international market. With a halal certification, we supply Jenna palm oil to restaurants, school canteens, SMEs etc. for the Malaysian and international markets. At present, Jenna is distributed to various parts of Malaysia exclusively.

Our palm oil is sourced from companies certified by HACCP and JAKIM, which makes them safe to be consumed. Different grades of palm oil are refined and used to make various products such as vegetable oil, palm olein, shortening, ghee etc. We supply palm oil of several grades such as CP6, CP8, CP10 and CP12, which are mainly used for cooking.
We believe that with our ingenuity and innovation, Al-Khaleej will remain as one of the top palm oil suppliers in Malaysia.


    To distribute our palm oil products to a wider global market, with offices placed in each continent of the world.


    To market our products online and offline, further expanding local and international businesses.


    Our company value lies in delivering the best product to our customers. To Al-Khaleej, providing people with clean and high-quality food is equivalent to doing good to mankind.